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This hot college girl was the latest to make her first sex video with the Girlsdoporn crew! Except this time they didn’t just go search around the local college campus for some horny local girl. Instead they looked online to in an attempt to connect with a really horny naughty girl looking to fuck. What they did was use a site, Find Adult Flings and joined the most attractive sex dating site for college students they could find. It ended up being the best decision this week for them! They met this Palestinian college girl that could swallow a cock like never before and I gotta say she took the meanest facial I’ve even seen in my life. If you like watching amateur real girls do porn then you will love this update!

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Here at GirlsDoPorn we wanted to wish you a Happy New Year and we hope you had a great Christmas and Hanukkah this year! We brought you a ton of first time video girls making their very first porn shoots and loved every second of it. There is one thing that I can promise you in 2014 and that is that we are going to fuck as many amateur sluts at Girls Do Porn that you can think of!

Happy New Year and enjoy Girls Do Porn in 2014

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This is a sexy blonde girl that absolutely loves to suck dick! She joined us for the first time to have a wonderful experience of doing porn for the first time. She swallowed every drop of this guys cum and she had a huge cock down her throat and did not even gag one bit. She was perfect at it too. I couldn’t believe how good she was at sucking cock. Anyway, her pussy was as tight as can be and her ass was perfect. The best part about this first timer was that she took it in her ass too. What a nasty girl. We love it when new girls do porn!


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Whatever reason it is, or reasons there are to make girls do porn, I don’t really care. The results of those unimportant reasons are videos that I get to watch in which fine ass young girls ultimately get covered in semen. That’s pretty cool! Take this petite little Asian slut right here for example. She’s pretty as a peach! And she’s never once had sex on camera before. You are effectively taking this girl’s porn virginity. Feels pretty cool right?! Of course it does. Then she melts a few pearls on her face and everyone walks away satisfied, as usual.

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There is just something arousing about the inexperience of first time amateur porn stars. Take this brunette cutie for example. This is her very first time having sex on camera! So in effect, we sort of have to teach her the ropes; show her what to do and the proper way to do it. It’s kinda like a primal psycho-sexual master-servant dichotomy thing going on thats just… Just fucking awesome!! So check it out, I’m sure you’ll be glad you did. This chick did a nice job. Takes jizz to the eye and is a real good sport about it.

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This crazy blonde bitch is just now getting all her sexual tension out via the porn industry. In other words, we have a first timer! Whenever girls do porn for the first time, it’s truly a special thing. It’s the first step to becoming part of an enormous, loving family. A family that loves its members so much, in fact, that they get paid to have sex with each other! So check out this adorable blonde’s first encounter with a cock and a camera! Nothing quite like seeing a sexy, yet everyday girl get fucked for the enjoyment of millions of people all over the internet for the first time!

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You know what they say: there’s a first time for everything! And this lovely looking brunette slut decides to take some cock for the first time in this cheap hotel room! Whenever girls do porn for the first time, it’s really a special thing to watch. You figure, ok, she’s probably taken a load or two, or a few, to the face from some previous boyfriend(s), but this is the very first time she does it on camera to broadcast her newfound level of sluttiness to all the random people on the internet! And for that, we thank you.

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This video shows one seriously hot blonde amateur. When girls do porn like this, it’s going to be sexy, and she delivers. She starts stripping but is so eager to get that cock inside her, she doesn’t have a chance to get all her clothes off before she’s taking him in her mouth. Then it is head down, ass up so she can take a good pounding and get him ready to blast all over her face. She gets on her knees to enjoy all of his cum, and then licking up the messy facial like a good hungry slut.

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Busty, brunette, and oh so enthusiastic. This teen is here and ready to prove that even though she is an amateur she can fuck like the best of them in her very first time video exclusively available at Girls Do Porn! She shows up to the room in nothing but a tight tank top that barely holds in her massive twins, and when she finally takes off the top her nipples are so round and pointy that our guy can’t help but stick them straight into his own eager mouth! She takes her turn though, blowing and fucking and finally ending up with a face full of sticky white cum!

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