This Brunette Tiny Girl Porn Video Is My New GDP Favorite!

It’s been a little while since I did an update so I wanted to share this GDP favorite of mine today. This brunette is super tiny and skinny. She is a college girl that legit signed up to make her first porn video just to pay for some weed and booze. How fucking crazy is that! She’s a typical hot 18-year-oldcollege slut that’s studying to be a vet. I guess she’s an animal lover! I’ve got a few other things I want to share about this beautiful chick so keep reading below for details.

GDP Favorite Video

New GDP Favorite Takes Huge Load Of Cum

So this is what I have to say about this hot college girl in today’s update. I shit you not, she has never been in a porn and she wanted to do this to make straight cash. One thing I gotta say about that is, off the bat, she is awesome just for that. But what really got me excited was the fact that she was shooting this porn just to make some side money for weed and beer!

GDP favorite girls

If I had to take a guess, I’d say she’s the type that spends lots of time partying in frat houses. I wouldn’t be surprised if she sucked a few dicks during some parties either. Then again, that’s what I love about her. She has these tiny cute titties and a perfect ass that was made for fucking. If you want to see her girls do porn free video then you best visit the homepage now until it gets removed.

GDP Favorite Porn

A lot of people thought that this was the same girl in one of the previous girls do porn updates and I can assure you that it is not! Anyway, she’s pretty fucking fantastic. Let me explain some of the things that she’s will to do and did on the video.

The girl loves sucking dick and she does it very well. Her cute little face loves having a dick in front of it. She goes all in when it comes to sucking cock and it gets even hotter once she spreads her legs. If you like really tight pussy, there’s a good chance that you’ll fall in love with this tiny girls extremely tight pussy. She’s able to successfully fit a big huge cock deep inside that tiny hole like a beast and she rides a big dick better than any girl I’ve ever met. Actually, if you like this girl then you’ll probably enjoy watching this girl named Sarah because she’s a tiny hot teen too!

GDP Favorite Girl Riding Dick

One thing that this tiny college girl did better than anyone, she took a huge load of cum all over her face. Her nose ring was super sexy and I couldn’t help but stare at it over and over while watching her get splattered with cum on her face. If I was given the ability to fuck her and her twin (if she had one) then I’d pay her and her sister $10,000 for just an hour. That’s how much I love this girl. She fucks like crazy and I can guarantee you will be thoroughly impressed with her skills in the bedroom.

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Girlsdoporn Stream Shows Motocross Babe Full Sex Video

It’s been a while since I last posted our latest video update and I wanted to share something special with you today. You may not be aware of it but a Girlsdoporn stream is currently posted on the site for free. This content can be streamed by any visitor that wants to check out the quality of the content. I’ll share some insight as to why it’s kickass and what makes being a premium member so incredible.

girlsdoporn stream videos

Girldoporn Streams Full Video Of Smoking Hot Blonde

This stream of amateur porn is nothing but hardcore from the get go. You will literally have a difficult time taking your eyes off of this dime piece, especially once you see her naked.

I can’t tell you her name for confidentiality reasons just yet but you’ll soon understand what makes her so incredible. She is blonde and has an absolutely enchanting face. Her eyes are the type that will make you want to cum instantly. Don’t let me get started on her body either! She’s a knockout with perfect tits, an ass that you can land a plane on and to boot, she’s a dirt bike racer!

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Whenever a thrill seeking slut like this comes along, you know there is going to be some serious pounding and definitely anal involved. This is her very first scene ever and it was shot by the Girlsdoporno crew so you know it’s incredible.

I’m not going to beat around the bush here. The hottie loves a nice creampie and facial. She gets just what she desires too in this update. Feel free to check out her full video by clicking right here or on the image above.

Here’s a shot of the creampie that this blonde hottie gave us. Simply stunning huh! It’s like something you’ve never seen before!

girlsdoporn creampie

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Miss Palestine Watery Eyes Blowjob on Video

Okay, it’s been a while since I posted an update so I wanted to share on of Miss Palestine. She met up with us at GirlsDoPorn after we spent some time together at a party one night and presented her with the proposition of a lifetime. She’s got perfect hair, eyes, and the nicest body I’ve ever seen. On top of that, she loves to suck dick, ALOT!

Miss Palestine Watery Eyes Blowjob on Video
Miss Palestine –

GirlsDoPorn Jordan Makes Miss Palestine Cry During A BJ

Let me explain how this all went down with the sexy Miss Palestine. For starters, she came clean with us and admitted that she’s really into sex. That wasn’t much of a shocker given that she knew exactly what we do and she was hanging out with Jordan and myself.

We all met up at a local hotel to keep things simple. Things started out pretty normal. After interviewing Miss Palestine, Jordan asked her to get on her knees to suck his cock. Her actions and mannerisms reminded me of Brittany Johnson and her GDP video.

That very moment she saw his hard cock, the look on her face was priceless. It was perhaps that biggest and hardest dick she’s ever seen. This slutty brunette started sucking Jordans cock and really got into it. She tried deepthroating so much that her eyes started watering. It was classic! There’s nothing hotter than an amateur girl putting in the extra effort to suck a cock dry and fit the whole thing in her mouth.

After sucking his cock for about 15 minutes, she got completely naked and ended up spreading her tight pussy to shoot close-ups for the camera. From there, she ended up getting her pussy pounded in a ton of different positions. I can guarantee that you haven’t seen a girl with a nicer looking pussy that can spread her legs further.

Miss Palestine got her fucking pussy destroyed before taking a huge load of cum all over her young pretty face. I would give anything to lay my hard cock across this girls mouth!

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Amateur Girl In High Heels Toys Pussy On Video

It’s not all that uncommon for me to come to you with an amazing update. You know that though! Today I’ve come to share with you an amateur girl that seems to have a real love for two things in particular. She loves high heels and sex toys! Good news is, I’ve got a video of this dirty girl inserting some thick toys deep inside her tight holes. I’ll share the details but first, here’s a photo of her.

amateur girls do toys

This amateur brunette spent over an hour with me in my office. She showed up wearing a sexy bright yellow dress that looked absolutely amazing on her. The best part, she was wearing matching yellow high heels. I’ll be honest, I invited her over to make this video and I even paid her $200 for all of it. What I wasn’t expecting was her to show up wearing no panties at all. When I saw how tight her pussy was and how big the toys were that she brought, I knew this was going to be some magician type stuff!

Low and behold, this tight amateur brunette  was able to successfully take a huge toy deep inside both her ass and pussy. She even put it in her mouth to finish things off! There’s nothing like a dirty girl that likes to do toys on a random day. Her video is now part of the Girlsdoporn collection and I’m happy to say that she’ll be coming back for more. Next time though, she’ll get fucked by a huge cock and not just a sex toy. If you like this girl, then you’re going to love all the other models that we’ve fucked on film. I strongly suggest that you take a look around the site and see everything that we have to offer. Hundreds of thousands of members can’t be wrong! Take a look inside!

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If it’s your first time visiting my site then you have no idea the number of Girlsdoporn full videos that I’ve shared here. There are literally hundreds of them. I’ve had the pleasure of watching all these girls fuck Jordan on camera for the first time. It’s a rather interesting experience for the girls and for Jordan too. He’s got a huge dick and knows how to use it! I can’t tell you how many girls contact us literally every single day just for the chance to fuck on camera.

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I never get tired of watching the newest girlsdoporn videos even though I see them get banged live. In fact, sometimes it feels like Christmas morning when a new video gets released. Just when I think that I’ve found my favorite girl, a new one comes along and I instantly am attracted to her enough to want to have sex with her.

blowjob GDP scene

For example, the day that I met Khloe, I wanted to bang her so bad. I knew that I didn’t have a shot given that she was going to hook up with Jordan to make her sex tape. Plus, I didn’t want to pay her. I just wanted to bang. I’ve actually been lucky enough to have sex with quite a few girls that we’ve filmed for GDP. Basically, what I’m trying to say is that I’ve had an incredible life so far. My plan is to continue to find college girls that want to make extra cash and try and convince them to fuck on film for it. If you haven’t seen what we’ve done so far, then I urge you to check it out today. In fact, you can literally watch every single video in one day if you become a premium member of our site. It’s simple to join and well worth it!

Delaware Girl Melissa King Sex Tape Leaked

Okay, so it’s been a few days since I’ve done my last update and I apologize but it’s been a crazy week. I’m making up for it though with today’s update of the Melissa King sex tape! If you’re not familiar with who Melissa King is then I’ll tell you. But first, you have to see a picture of hot sexy this Delaware girl really is. I’ll show you what she looks like fully dressed for starters.

melissa king
Melissa King Delaware

This is Melissa King and she’s a former Miss Teen USA from the state of Delaware. She is beyond beautiful really. Basically, if you took all the hottest features of a girl and put them together on one person, you’d get Melissa King. She probably looks really innocent to you right? Well, that’s not the case at all! She’s a very bad girl with a real problem. That problem is that she loves to make sex tapes! Let’s just say that she made the national news with what she did and gave zero fucks about it. In fact, she did it twice because she simply didn’t care.

Here’s what happened…

The GirlsDoPorn team met up with Melissa and asked her if she wanted to star in a film. Being the party girl that she is, she did not hesitate one bit. Instead, she ended up agreeing to fuck on camera for an undisclosed amount of money. Her video went viral once everyone found out she was a beauty pageant winner. Here’s a screenshot of the video.

Melissa King Sex Tape
Miss Delaware, Melissa King porn screenshot

Poor Melissa had her crown taken away from her for taking a big dick in all her holes during a porn shoot at Girls Do Porn. We felt so bad about it that we asked her to come back for another round of fun. Melissa was all for it and decided to join us one more time for her fun-filled fucking adventure. She’ll never be crowned the pageant queen but we’ve got something better for her…a face full of cum! We love Melissa show much that she’s mentioned in our Girlsdoporn review and we’d most definitely do anything again to fill those tight holes of hers. She’s a real beauty, that’s for damn sure!  For those of you that might be curious, Melissa is attending college at an SEC school and she’s been partying like crazy according to what I’ve heard. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s practicing making more tapes with those other crazy college students. After all, there’s nothing like fucking an amateur college girl that wants to make some quick cash!

Blonde Kayluh Blain Doggystyle Pounding Threesome

Kayluh Blain is an insatiable young 20-year-old blonde who has quickly developed a taste for cock thanks to the folks at She shot her first porn video which featured her in some smoldering hot one on one action, but she wanted something more. There had to be a way for her to feel a deeper orgasm. Perhaps she wanted to feel more big cocks spreading her holes open. Maybe she wanted to feel more cum drenching her pretty face. I don’t know. But what I do know is that that she took on not one but two dicks!

kayluh blain threesome

Kayluh Blain might just be one of my favorite Girlsdoporn models ever. Her skills are just top notch! In this GDP update, Kayluh gets on her knees and looks right at home with two large cocks swinging in her face. She used to have a reputation for being a nice girl, but she now takes great pleasure in being naughty. She realized that being naughty was the best way to feel the deeper and more satisfying orgasms that she craved.

kayluh blain social media pic

Kayluh Blain has a sweet face and a supple young body, but the best thing about her is her love for sex. She wants to feel the most intense pleasure imaginable and it intensifies her arousal when she knows you are watching. You can tell by the way she moves when she is being fucked that she learns a lot from watching porn. She knows how to move her tight body to illicit maximum pleasure in the guys she is fucking. She shows here that she is able to provide the same pleasure for two cocks. The more the merrier because multiple cocks are obviously more satisfying based on Kayluh Blain’s face in a few of these clips.

kayluh blain fist pump love

Her big and perky fake tits jiggle as she jerks these cocks off. One guy tilts her head back and dumps a load of thick cum all over her face. While Kayluh Blain is still taking cum to the face, she wipes some off so her hand will be slippery then grabs the other guy’s throbbing cock. This girl is a lot of fun to watch and perhaps a GirlsDoPorn top model! Kudos to her for being so talented

MTV Teen Mom Porn Featuring Madeleine Cornish

You might recognize this stunning young tan blonde goddess from MTV. She is Madeleine Cornish; the other teen mom from the MTV documentary series Baby High in 2010. Well, now she’s trying to get into the porn industry and a sweet young babe like this is always welcome in porn, especially at GirlsDoPorn!

Madeleine Cornish teen mom porn

Come to think of it, this teen mom is no stranger to the camera or getting fucked hard. In fact, this is actually the second time Madeleine has been on Girls Do Porn, but this time, she takes it to a whole other level. She doesn’t just take her clothes off this time. She also takes a dick in more holes than one and one of them gets pumped full of cum. That’s right, I’m talking anal sex!

Madeleine Cornish blowjob

Sweet young promiscuous little Madeleine Cornish sits on the bed dressed in a revealing outfit being interviewed. She shows how dedicated she is to making a name for herself in the porn industry as she gets down on her knees and sucks this big dick down her throat gagging on it several times. She rides the throbbing cock and sits down on it hard so it will penetrate her as deep as possible. Madeleine Cornish then gets fucked hard and fast in the missionary position. She is pounded intensely deep in her tight pussy, getting rammed so hard that you can hear this guys balls deeply slapping against her. This guy actually empties his balls in a smoldering hot creampie as she is pumped full of cum that slowly oozes out of her.

There’s more though! She is not done there. Madeleine Cornish wants some more cock and more cum so she climbs on the bed with her ass in the air and offers up her other hole for a deep anal ramming. She has intense anal sex hard and fast until he gets close to cumming again. She gets off the bed and gets on her knees this time so she can receive this load of cum all over her pretty face. Madeleine has a bright future ahead of her in porn. As far as I’m concerned, she’s certainly made Girlsdoporn very proud and GDP must be honored to have penetrated such a famous tight asshole. This 23-year-old is one for the books and she’ll never be forgotten.

Madeleine Cornish got in some trouble back in 2013 for starving her dog or something like that and that type of behavior we definitely do not condone here at GDP. Even though Madeleine was good in bed we had to share her mugshot with you.

MTV star Madeleine Cornish
Madeleine Cornish Arrested For Animal Abuse

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Selena Green Vargas Porn Video From GDP!


We’ve got a special treat for you this fine Friday afternoon! The model of the week award goes to Selena Green-Vargas! She’s one of the newest and sexiest Girlsdoporn models that I’ve ever come across. Simply stunning and her video is out of this world.

selena green vargas porn video
Selena Green-Vargas From

Selena Green-Vargas is a gorgeous, thin and tight bodied 18 year old that decided she wanted to make her very first porn video. This was Selena’s first time having sex on camera and this sexy little vixen made it count better than anyone else I’ve ever met! She has a smile that will literally charm the pants off you. At least that’s what happened when she told the stories about her first time having sex. After a short cute interview, she takes her top off showing her perky little tits and gets on her knees to give Jordan an amazing blowjob. This is where she gobbles on Jordan’s dick with such glee that she almost chokes on it. It was magical I must say. She just gets hotter and hotter as she strips the rest of her clothes off and climbs on the bed with her luscious ass in the air. It’s perfectly round and is just as smooth the rest of her body. She gets horny and lies on her back with her legs spread so she can get fucked. Here’s a gif of Selena in action. I thought you might enjoy this…

selena green vargas girlsdoporn

If Selena Green-Vargas isn’t the sexiest and smoothest teen to ever have sex on camera, she is definitely one of top 10. She moans quite a bit as this lucky guy pounded her tight pussy while she squirmed. Selena Green-Vargas apparently likes to put her fingers in her mouth while fucking. She puts her fingers in her mouth and bites her sexy bottom lip as she is being fucked deeper and deeper in this video. Just like many of the other new girls in porn, Selena was afraid to do anything. She gets on her knees to give another blowjob and it’s an even more spirited cock sucking this time because she just got her pussy penetrated balls deep. Selena then decides to climb on Jordan’s cock to ride it out. She tilts her head back in ecstasy as hung Jordan gives it to her as deep as possible. She starts moaning louder and her warm, wet pussy clamps down on the big fuck stick while she cums all over it. Selena has no problem (as you know) getting on her knees in the video and gives yet another blowjob, but this time, Selena keeps sucking until she gets a thick load of sticky white cum that fills her mouth.

Now, if that description wasn’t enough to make you want to watch her first porn ever then I really don’t know what to say. The fucking video is epic and it’s damn near impossible to say no to this pretty face… I’d suggest you download her video! Click here to get it.

selena green vargas sex

Brittany Johnson Reverse Cowgirl on Girls Do Porn

If you don’t know who the famous Brittany Johnson is then you must be living under a rock. Brittany Johnson is one of the latest girls that filmed with us here at Girls Do Porn and she’s by far one of the best we’ve fucked to date.

brittany johnson girlsdoporn

Brittany is a 19-year-old hottie that has never even seen a porn before let alone star in one. She must have been one of those types of girls that spends most of her time not getting wild and crazy. I’d venture to guess that she’s the type of girl that plays team sports, gets good grades and is just a good girl to be friends with. Well, she’s also a good girl to fuck on camera!

Brittany Johnson decided to make her first porn ever and the lucky folks at Girls Do Porn got the opportunity to have sex with her. She showed off her skills by going full on crazy style with her reverse cowgirl fucking skills. It was one for the books, to say the least!

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