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What Is GirlsDoPorn?

So many people are sick and tired or staged professional porn. Which is exactly why this site was created. Girls Do Porn is a non-traditional amateur porn site. By non-traditional, I mean it’s a site that doesn’t incorporate any of those well-known girls that have been filmed by every single studio.

Instead, we find girls that want to shoot their very first porn video. We display model updates of most of them here at and we showcase every girl in thousands of hours of film in the member’s area. There’s something magical about watching a girl have sex on camera for the first time. All of the girls on the site do porn obviously with us, then they end up going back to living their normal everyday life.

Some do end up being professional porn stars, but only those that have a real burning desire to become famous for having sex on video.

Girls Do Porn

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Reasons The Amateur Girls Do Porn

There are lots of reasons why you’re going to absolutely love our GirlsDoPorn website. I personally love the fact that these girls are newbies and have never been filmed ever. It gives me a tingling feeling knowing that each and every one of the girls on the site come to us with zero experience in front of the camera.

However, they’ve got skills in the bedroom like you wouldn’t believe. Many of the girls try out for porn because they need the money, but some do it for other reasons. A few of the girls have decided to film their first porn because it’s something on their bucket list that they want to check off. Others are “closet sluts” in college that want to come out with a bang (pun intended). Then there are the curious girls that just want to know what it’s like to be filmed while getting pounded.

The list of reasons is never-ending. Good news is that we identify the reasons why many of the girls do these porn shoots. It’s typically at the beginning of each video where we interview the girls.

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How We Get Girls

Getting girls to do porn is easy. There are a few methods that we typically use in order to find girls. I’m not going to give everything away here but I’ll give you a quick rundown of things.

Craigslist – We post ads on Craigslist looking for girls that want to become models. Of course, we let them know that they’ll be having sex on video for the first time.

College Job Boards – We travel around to all the major colleges posting on job boards. This is one of the main ways we find girls. These college girls love being the center of attention, the number of girls we have applying to do porn from these boards are insane.

Local Parties – Did I mention that we like to party? Heading to local parties and just drumming up conversations with local girls works like a charm.

Our Crew – The crew runs deep and people in our crew know people. Some of the film crew talk about their jobs and word gets around. Eventually, they contact and ask if we’re willing to film them.

Bars and Coffee Shops – Believe it or not, hanging out at bars and coffee shops are a great way for us to meet amateur girls looking to do porn.

Are we fans of each and every girl regardless of how we connect with them? OF COURSE, WE ARE!

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What You Can Expect

I’ll give you a quick rundown of what you can expect to find on the site. The member’s area contains hundreds of first time videos, showcasing girls sucking and fucking on video.

You can expect to see new girls regularly (weekly at a minimum) and you’re going to love each and every one of them.

The first time videos are all available for streaming and downloading. They’re all HD videos of the highest quality too.

Did I mention that they’re all first-timers? I know, just trying to drill it into your head! If you’re looking for a full rundown of the Girlsdoporn site, then I suggest reading this review here to learn all about it.

My Favorite Updates

While I’m a huge fan of every girl on the site, I do have some favorites that I’d like to point out to you. If you’re looking for a rundown of all the girls, then I suggest checking out the full episode list featuring all the models. Trust me, you’ll be glad that you did!

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Nyjah Huston Threesome

Melissa King Miss Teen USA

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Recent Model Updates

Here are some of the most recent amateur model updates!

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