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If you’re one this page then you’re obviously curious about one or two things. First, you probably love watching all the GirlsDoPorn videos that I’ve published on this site. Second, you’re probably wondering who the heck I am and how I get to meet all these beautiful girls and most importantly how we convince them to have sex for money. Did I hit the nail on the head? Great! Then let me explain more it all for you. I’ve decided to update this page and have indicated the date that it’s being updated so you all know.

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Updated: April 22, 2016

This is GirlsDoPorn and I find teens and college girls to have sex with. There are lots of girls out there that need cash and I do my best to get them to fuck me for very little money. In return, I get these teens having sex on video! It’s a win-win situation. If you have no idea what this sites about, I suggest you read my review of the website. I have had sex with tons of college girls and teens…now you can see all the girls do porn too! If you don’t want to know anything about me and all you care about is watchint these girls have sex, well, then great! However, if you do care, then I’d like to suggest that you read everything that’s below. If not, just click this to See GirlsDoPorn Now! <–Click that link!

So, a little bit about me. First off, I’m not some creepy mofo that follows chicks around with a camera. I’m a pretty average dude that’s good looking with a big dick. I like sports, skiing, smoking weed and going to college football games. I occasionally enjoy spending time fucking random girls in Vegas and California! I basically hang out in typical locations that you would find college girls and other chicks hanging out. I buy them drinks, I buy them lunch and I’m not shy to talk to them. I’ve got some skill that allows me to convince any amateur girl that it’s a good idea to make a sex tape. I know, it sounds crazy but it’s 100% true. I’ve been doing this for years and I have no intentions of stopping. Now, if you know any college girls that you think would look great on video, feel free to send them my way and if I film and fuck them then I’ll pay you cold hard cash for your efforts. I strongly suggest that you check out our membership site and enjoy some of the videos on the site.

If you’re still not ready to make a decision, you can always visit the homepage and browse around. We’ve got more amateur models than you could ever imagine. Here’s a full list of all the GDP models we’ve filmed.


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