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What’s better than getting a beauty pageant contestant to create a private video? Pretty much nothing right? I’ve got this beauty pageant contestant that decided to make a sex video for Girlsdoporn. Here’s some detail on her fantastic performance.

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So, this hot beauty pageant contestant contacted the crew at Girlsdoporn looking to have some fun, LOL. She had never made a porn video in her entire life and wanted to experience something new for once. Having spent so much time on stage, I knew she was going to be incredible and put on a really good performance. Given that she’s so well spoken and loves being the center of attention I knew she had something to prove. So, it all started with a basic interview-style approach asking her for some insight in what she likes and how she likes to get fucked. To my surprise, her deepthroating skills were absolutely incredible. I mean she could suck a dick like I’ve never seen before and it was more incredible than I could ever ¬†imagine. She’s officially turned into a Girls do porn model and possibly the hottest ever fucked thus far! Safe to say she won the crown of cock.

GirlsDoPorn Beauty Contestant Porn

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