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Filthy Marathon Runner Dashes For Dick When Not Playing Nurse

I love girls that run marathons. Seriously, there are girls where I live that I personally know who run every 5k, half marathon and even full marathons. These girls are typically amazing in bed and full of energy. Which is why I was super excited to learn about the latest GirlsDoPorn model and her running skills. If she’s as good at running as she is handling a dick, then chances are she’s got skills on the road! Here’s a quick rundown of everything you need to know about this naughty new amateur porn star.

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Girls Do Porn Marathon Runner Shows Her Love For Dick

This girl may run marathons with her legs in the regular world, but on Girls Do Porn, she’s going to be running one with her pussy. She goes to school and works as a nurse’s aide. Did I mention that last week’s update featured a nurse in school? Watch her video here. Today, however, she’s going to be nursing a stiff cock with her mouth to aid it in shooting a cum load.

She likes a little light choking, but not too much. If it’s too rough, she just can’t last all that long. She loves the feeling of having her tight little pussy filled with thick cock.

As soon as she peels off her incredibly tight dress, it’s obvious that she’s given plenty of her patients a reason to live. Her tits are perky and perfect, and her figure is amazing. All that running clearly keeps her in top physical form, and ready for a fucking whenever she can get the chance.

She admits to trying anal once before, but it didn’t work out. It turns out that her asshole is just too tight to slide a dick inside. Maybe someday she’ll try again with a whole bottle of lube.

With only light chocking on the menu, she gets on her back and spreads her legs wide. She takes the throbbing cock deep inside her perfect hole and all of her nervousness disappears. This is something that she’s done plenty of times before and her muscle memory for fucking kicks in.

Her friend for the day gets a handful of her amazing tits and gets to work on pounding her. She keeps her legs high and open to make sure he gets all of himself into her little love tunnel; all she has to do is lie back and enjoy it.

That changes when it’s her turn to get on her hands and knees, and take him from behind. He gives her ass a few good whacks and she never complains. It turns out that she can take a little bit more than she thought.

She gets that tight little body of hers pleasured in every single position imaginable, and takes his full load like a champ. She’s probably going to be walking funny for a few days, so she’ll have to lay off of the marathons for a little bit until her pussy heals itself.


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