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Girlsdoporn Behind The Scenes With Carrie

We typically don’t showcase all the behind the scenes footage when it comes to shooting these girls doing porn. Instead, we like to share the best of the best with you. However, this girl named Carrie came along and she was incredible. It was without a doubt one of those eureka moments that we had when reviewing her tape.

We wanted to show the world all the Girlsdoporn behind the scenes footage of Carrie. There are many reasons for which we’ve chosen to do this which I’ve listed out below.

Since I cannot stand the fact that so many people think these girls are not amateur or real girls off the streets, I felt the need to showcase some of the real deal footage today. That’s exactly why I’ve showcased some of the BTS footage that Carrie and the GDP porn crew shot recently.

Girlsdoporn Carrie

Carrie Does Porn (Behind The Scenes Footage)

If you’re one that adores brunette girls that love to take it up the ass then you’ll be happy to learn that this GDP update satisfies all your wants and needs. Having spent hundreds of hours watching these videos, I know a good girl when I see one. There are a few fun facts that I want to share about Carrie with you and why she’s so damn special IMO.

Tight Body – Carrie has the tightest body that I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Although her tits are small, the rest of her body and beautiful face make up for the rest. It’s been a while since we came across a tight bodied girl like this one with such a gorgeous face. I’m telling you right now Carrie is absolutely perfect as can be.

Great Attitude – Based on the footage that I’ve seen, Carrie has an amazing attitude that makes me want to dive right into her pussy and asshole. Seriously, just as a way to say thanks for being so awesome!

Does Anal – Finally, an amateur girl that isn’t afraid to have a sex toy or huge cock buried deep in her asshole. I couldn’t believe how easily a big dick fit inside that warm tight coochie of hers. My goodness, it was about as tight as can be and she took it with ease!

Swallows Cum – Carrie is not a spitter. She will swallow your load without even having to ask her to do so. That’s one thing that really turns me on about her and many of the other GDP models on this list. She and others go above and beyond just to put on a good show. That’s one of the many reasons why she’s so wanted so much both on and off screen.


Do you have what it takes to fill Carrie up? If so, then you might want to try and find her to fuck her.

But first:

Forget that, join the website and watch her video. I promise that you will not be disappointed one bit! Network

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