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So, a lot of people have asked me how we get girls to join us at GirlsDoPorn and I’m here to share how we get girls to film with us. Our secret is simple. We have “Hot Girls Wanted” signs plastered all over the local colleges as well as hundreds of Internet forums. We post ads on websites like Craigslist and Backpage quite often and we do so frankly because we have such strong demand for local girls. Nothing works better than a “hot girls wanted” sign and I’ve proven that this works better than anything else. I’ll share some of the girls that I’ve been able to attract with this approach, just keep reading…

Models Brought In From Hot Girls Wanted Signs

I was able to bring in a ton of girls to film while having sex just from some crazy craigslist ads. It was relatively easy and the girls were absoutely¬†amazing to hook up with and we had a blast on film. Here’s some of the girls that I’ve fucked over the last few months and that we’ve released videos of on our site.

girlsdoporn lisa
GirlsDoPorn Lisa

This is “Girlsdoporn Lisa” and she’s one of the top girls that I’ve met through the hot girls wanted ads. She takes a huge load in her debut and did pretty much anything that we asked of her. She was a completely amazing girl to sleep with and I almost fell in love with her. True story.

girls do porn ashley
Ashley from Girls Do Porn

Here’s another girl that I made famous due to the ads that I posted all over Facebook, Craigslist and Backpage. She goes by the name “Girls Do Porn Ashley” and she’s far from an amateur when comes to taking loads deep inside her pussy.

girls do porn mandi
Girls Do Porn Mandi in action.

This is another recently made famous GDP model known on the website as “Girls Do Porn Mandi” and she’s one of the most widely known girls on our site. It’s no surprise that we’ve made headlines and even the local news due to some of the updates that we’ve done over the years. The ads have even attracted former beauty pageant contest winners and Hollywood known actresses.

Want To Make Your First Porn?

Want to make your first porn and join the rest of the girls at GirlsDoPorn? Perfect! We want to make you the next best amateur porn model to hit the Internet and we can make that happen. It’s done wonders for a ton of girls and it’s inevitably made some girls millions of dollars. It can certainly do the same for you. Now if you prefer to just join the site to watch the videos then you can do that as well. .

hot girls in porn
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