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Local Georgia Girl Goes Viral After Doing Girlsdopron Scene

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Georgia Girl @ Girls Do Porn

If you don’t know the story of Miss Georgia, well you’re about to find out all about it! The foks over at Girlsdoporn met sexy Ms. Georgia out at a bar one night. Ms.G said that she wanted to make some money fast and they knew just how she was going to be able to make the money. The guys from Girls Do Porn invited the Georgia college student over to meet with them in order to discuss how she could make some extra money. Well, Girls Do Porn Georgia got her famous nickname because she did porn! That should come as no surprise to you!

Ms. G was a pro when it came to sucking dick. Take a look at that photo above and you’ll understand exactly what I’m talking about. She was a natural born porn star. Well, during the photo shoot, something went wrong and you’ll never believe what happened. The naughty brutette decided to leave mid way though the video. I can’t reveal why she left. You’re going to have to watch the video to find out. What I can say is that Miss Georgia was super hot and she could fuck and suck like you would never believe.

Now if you think this is Ms.G’s first time in front of a camera, think again. Here’s a shot of her in Las Vegas during a few photo shoots that she did.

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