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Miss Teen USA From Delaware Sex Tape Leaked [Full Video]

Okay, so it’s been a few days since I’ve done my last update and I apologize but it’s been a crazy week. I’m making up for it though with today’s update of the Miss Teen USA sex tape! If you’re not familiar with who the girl is then I guess you’ll have to watch the video to find out more about her. But first, you have to see a picture of hot sexy this Delaware girl really is. I’ll show you what she looks like fully dressed for starters.

melissa king
Melissa King Delaware

This is what I refer to as a smoking hot “Miss K” and she’s a former Miss Teen USA from the state of Delaware. She is beyond beautiful really. Basically, if you took all the hottest features of a girl and put them together on one person, you’d get Missy K. She probably looks really innocent to you right? Well, that’s not the case at all! She’s a very bad girl with a real problem. That problem is that she loves to make sex tapes! Let’s just say that she made the national news with what she did and gave zero fucks about it. In fact, she did it twice because she simply didn’t care.

Here’s what happened…

The GirlsDoPorn team met up with this babe and asked her if she wanted to star in a film. Being the party girl that she is, she did not hesitate one bit. Instead, she ended up agreeing to fuck on camera for an undisclosed amount of money. Her video went viral once everyone found out she was a beauty pageant winner. Here’s a screenshot of the video.

Melissa King Sex Tape
Miss Delaware Making Her First Porn [screenshot]
Poor Missy had her crown taken away from her for taking a big dick in all her holes during a porn shoot at Girls Do Porn. We felt so bad about it that we asked her to come back for another round of fun. Missy was all for it and decided to join us one more time for her fun-filled fucking adventure. She’ll never be crowned the pageant queen but we’ve got something better for her…a face full of cum! We love Missy show much that she’s mentioned in our Girlsdoporn review and we’d most definitely do anything again to fill those tight holes of hers. She’s a real beauty, that’s for damn sure!  For those of you that might be curious, Melissa is attending college at an SEC school and she’s been partying like crazy according to what I’ve heard. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s practicing making more tapes with those other crazy college students. After all, there’s nothing like fucking an amateur college girl that wants to make some quick cash!

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