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This is the infamous teen Simantha from Girls Do Porn. She came over to make her first sex tape with us and it was fucking incredible. We had an amazing time when doing this. Simantha was a very nasty girl and she even admitted that she had a boyfriend whom she was cheating on with us at that very fucking moment. Simantha had a nice ass and was very open to trying out the backdoor sex technique that we love to push on the girls. LOL I love teen sex auditions!

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This is pretty teen Samantha and she is one of our favorite girlsdoporn girls. She is super sexy and only 19 years old. Samantha had an awesome time filming her first sex video with us the other day. I was shocked when she let me fuck her in the ass! I actually gave her some extra cash because her asshole was so tight. Samantha is a college student who is very outgoing. Really she was willing to do anything we needed her to do for some money. You have to love how these innocent teen girls seem so good and kind when you first meet them but then once you get them in the bedroom they act like sex freaks! I love all college teens. They are amazing!

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We had an awesome weekend everyone! GirlsDoPorn had some serious filming fun with the amateur college girls. We met Kay and she was super hot and friendly. I wasn’t anticipating her being so energetic but to my dismay she was very good on film! Kay made her first sex video with us because she really needed the money. I don’t think that was the case this week though. I think Kay was just a bit curious and wanted to make an adult video for the first time. She had a blast and we did too. Amateur Kay can really handle it!

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